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    Insights is CCP Research Foundation's open-access library containing articles, papers and other publications across a range of topics that relate to the Foundation's "Conduct, Culture and People" agenda.*

    *The views and opinions expressed in the materials available within "Insights" are solely those of the author(s) concerned and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Foundation or its directors.

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    • Date2014-09-30 00:00:00 +0100
      Authorby Paul Q. Watchman
      Text‘Society no, more, community no more, compassion no more.’ The 1970s were characterised by an emphasis on the needs, if not rights, of the individual. Pension funds and their asset managers corrupted legal principles of fiduciary duties to...
    • Authorby Roger McCormick and Chris Stears
      Text  The major international banks are being lumbered with more and higher fines as the fallout from the financial crisis continues. Our research as part of the Conduct Costs Project at the CCP Research Foundation is providing evidence of the...
    • Authorby Roger McCormick and Andrea Minto
      Text  Abstract: Corporate governance reforms have become more intrusive for banks than might be thought appropriate for “ordinary corporates”. “Heavier” regulation in this area is justified by the public interest at stake in bank activity and the...
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