1. Associated Research Projects

    The Associated Research Projects or ARPs are the projects within the scope of the Foundation’s objectives and which are supported by the Foundation.

  1. Advantages of being an ARP

    Advantages of being an ARP:

    • Your project would have, in principle, the ability to benefit from the Foundation's fund raising activities.
    • ‘Associated’ status provides an objective stamp of approval for your project's objectives, evidence and academic rigour, which, as the Foundation’s kitemark develops, will enhance the impact of ARP research.
    • You would have access to the Foundation's website to publicise what you are doing.
    • You would have the opportunity to take part in Foundation events that feature the work of more than one ARP.

    Having a project designated as ARP:

    There are no particular formalities for obtaining ARP status save that a Research Proposal must be prepared for submission and approval by the Foundation's Advisory Board. ARPs do not have to be sponsored by academic institutions or any other kind of institution. They will be judged on merit, not on who is involved.

    Please contact Roger McCormick to discuss any prospective ARP (or simply an 'issue'/'idea' that furthers the Foundation's objectives and in relation to which there exists a reliable, objective evidence-base) by email at roger.mccormick@ccpresearchfoundation.com

    Current Associated Research Projects:

    Our current ARP include Conduct Costs Project and Insolvency Costs Project. Please see here for further details.

  1. The CCP Research Foundation is a new, independent social enterprise vehicle, set up to foster and support a new generation of research projects on the theme of "Conduct, Culture and People."

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