1. About us

    The CCP Research Foundation CIC has roots in both the academic world and the commercial world; its objectives and methodology will combine the best elements of both.

  1. Becoming a Partner Institution:

    The CCP Research Foundation CIC is pleased to offer academic, civil society, industry and professional services entities the opportunity to partner with the Foundation.

    The Foundation will seek to form relationships with Partner Institutions who see benefits in being associated with any one or more of its activities (e.g. The Conduct Costs Project) and would like to work collaboratively in the development of research-based and evidence-led best practice.

    Partner Institutions would be represented on the Advisory Board.

    Benefits of being a Partner Institution:

    • Publicity regarding the ‘partner status’ of the Partner Institution on the Partner Institution’s website and/or other literature where the aims of such literature are aligned with the ‘community interest’ of the Foundation. A ‘Partner logo’ (see below) will be available for use;

    • It is a principle of the Foundation that, as far as possible, the results of its research are published in an open and transparent manner. However, a Partner Institution will have pre-publication exposure to the research activities of the Foundation by virtue of its seat on the Advisory Board;

    • Partner Institutions will in due course be given free access to subscription level publications of the Foundation and its ARPs and an opportunity to contribute material to such publications;

    • Collaboration with and marketing opportunities at Foundation and/or ARP events;

    • Access to the Foundation’s team for academic pursuits: teaching, lectures, academic research papers etc. in appropriate areas and subject to terms agreed with individual Partner Institutions;
    • An opportunity to be represented on the Foundation’s Advisory Board;

    • The sharing of researcher pools and mutual opportunities for researchers to work on joint projects;

    • Use of the Foundation’s website for publicising Partner Institution events and activities where these meet with the ‘community interest’ of the Foundation;

    • Collaboration on joint fund raising activities;

    • Opportunity to collaborate and influence the development of the Foundation kitemark for conduct and ethics risk management and disclosure practices;

    • Enhanced relationships with other Partner Institutions (for example, through the activities of the Advisory Board, joint Foundation/PI events);

    If you are interested in collaborating with the CCP Research Foundation as a Partner Institution, please feel free to contact our Managing Director, Roger McCormick, at roger.mccormick@ccpresearchfoundation.com.

    For general enquiries please contact us at info@ccpresearchfoundation.com.

  1. The CCP Research Foundation is a new, independent social enterprise vehicle, set up to foster and support a new generation of research projects on the theme of "Conduct, Culture and People."

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    If you would be interested in being given an informal presentation at your offices about the work of the Foundation (and/or the Conduct Costs Project) and how its work relates to your business please contact:


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