1. About us

    The CCP Research Foundation CIC has roots in both the academic world and the commercial world; its objectives and methodology will combine the best elements of both.

  1. Who we are

    The CCP Research Foundation is an ‘umbrella’ organisation that will work to procure funding for, and provide academic and expert consultancy support to, Associated Research Projectsand will undertake other related activities in furtherance of its mission to champion research and best practice in ‘conduct risk’, ‘ethics-led’ decision-making and governance and related questions that impact on "public trust" in the way organisations are run.

    The Foundation serves the wider public interest by virtue of its social mission and is held to account through the academic output of the Associated Research Projects, the related activities that it supports and its annual regulatory returns. It is a company limited by guarantee and will not pay dividends.

    The CCP Research Foundationowes its origins to the LSE Conduct Costs Project, which many of those who worked on it got to know as the CCP. But CCP also stands for Conduct, Culture and People: three elements that underpin the objectives of the Foundation and will lie at the heart of all research that the Foundation seeks to encourage. The Foundation, in broad terms, is interested in promoting research in areas that have become dominant in the public discourse: ethics, culture, risk, public trust and the relationship between business and the community. But it is focused on independent research that is strictly evidence based and, as far as possible, free of subjective opinion or any "campaigning" element.

  1. The CCP Research Foundation is a new, independent social enterprise vehicle, set up to foster and support a new generation of research projects on the theme of "Conduct, Culture and People."

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    If you would be interested in being given an informal presentation at your offices about the work of the Foundation (and/or the Conduct Costs Project) and how its work relates to your business please contact:


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